segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2009

"Projeto Acervo"

A new edition of Projeto Acervo, curated by artist Leonardo Videla. The Project aims to reach new collectors of brazilian contemporary art. In each edition of Acervo, a collector gets, for a fixed price, 10 works (not multiples) of artists who participated in the project, mixing young artists with artists already consolidated in brazilian art market.
This edition will be shown on June 15, in Bar do Mineiro, in bucolic Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. Bar do Mineiro is a special bar and restaurant, and also a special place for the visual arts, as his owner is also an art collector and has a huge collection of paintings of Volpi, with whom he has a friend.
The artists on this edition of Acervo are: Arjan Martins, Alexandre Vogler, Beth Jobim, Cadu Costa, Gustavo Speridião, Gabriela Machado, Gisele Camargo, James Kudo, Leonardo Videla e Raul Mourão.

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